Welcome to The Light of Life

Every individual at some point in time has experienced some form of synchronicity; when life drops the right answer in your lap, when a solution walks though the door at the final hour and you are only capable of defining it as a miracle.

For the past thirty-five years Howard Lee has brought this experience to thousands of people. As society’s consciousness rises, so too is Mr. Lee’s ability to share this energetic resource.

Mr. Lee often describes the Energy as transformative; it has the power to break down the barriers of perception that often lock people into uncomfortable habits they themselves are unable to shed. Simply and effortlessly, it dissolves those negative behavior patterns that drag people through cycles of slow misery. The Energy opens doors to new levels creativity; it gives clarity and definition in everyday interactions as well as in long-term pursuits.

The list of physical, psychological and emotional ailments healed with The Light of Life energy would not fit on this page. There is no other known resource that has healed so consistently, cleanly and without attachments, available at this time. It addresses ailments we could not comprehend or solve, healing in the known and unknown.

Mr. Lee has helped all walks of life from movie stars to doctors, professors and housewives. People in the tops of their professions are often in awe of his ability to understand complex principles that have taken them a lifetime to discover. Mr. Lee is not only a healer but also a master of energy. The uniqueness of Mr. Lee’s teachings is in his ability to endow people with instant access to The Light of Life Energy; and with that energy comes knowledge and intuition, which are a most powerful combination.

For many years Mr. Lee’s humility and desire to remain private kept him from bringing his knowledge global. As more people have come to experience this gateway to new realms of possibility the demand for the Light of Life treatments and workshops has grown exponentially. Howard Lee now brings this resource out into the light for whoever may wish to experience it.

All of us here at the Light of Life Institute, in our own right have manifested individual transformations and arrived at a point where we collectively and humbly present to you the Light of Life forum.

Who is Howard Lee?

Mr. Lee has been called “The energy master”, “The light giver” and “The healer’s healer” by many in the know not only for his miraculous energy healing prowess, but also for his singular power to endow others with healing abilities instantaneously. His understanding of subtle energy in the esoteric disciplines is without peers. A sincere individual of quiet demeanor, he has the uncanny ability to cut through the myths and superstitions to elucidate on arcane matters from a rational perspective for people from all walks of live.

For four decades, he has humbly toiled without fanfare to establish the credentials with regards to the power of the Light of Life. A lifetime of sacrifice, self-realization and services enabled him to reaweken the dormant Light of Life knowledge within his transcendent aspect, and the remembrance of his role as the guardian and conduit of this powerful transcendent resource.

Recently retired from his office practice in Los Angeles, he is now traveling in Europe assisting individuals to manifest health, creativity, longevity, transformation and other issues confronting people today.

The Light of Life resource is at once elegant and abstract; devoid of the ceremony and pomposity usually seen in the esoteric sphere. The rendering of its healing power and the endowment of permanent access to the “Light”, does not entail traditional methods of acquiring knowledge. It transcends language barriers; educational background; or physical ability. This resource truly is a new paradigm, a new dawn.

What is The Light of Life Energy?

in the words of its originator Howard Y. Lee

“The Light of Life is a body of Knowledge that finds its source in the fundamental realms of creation. It is a resource not only for healing but also for applying to all aspects of creativity. This Energy has no connection with any other methods you may have known. It does not include elaborate rituals or time-consuming activities. I am simply fulfilling a role I have assumed, bringing this power from the highest dimensions into this reality. I present this resource from a rational perspective, free of superstition and dogma. My enabling technique is truly energetic and bypasses conventional physical and mental roadblocks.

For the first time it is accessible here, an energetic resource that has manifested in other parts of the universe, but until now it has never been available on Earth.
The Light of Life is a very ancient Energy and at the same time very advanced. It is manifesting itself in this reality now, when there are essential requirements and sufficient evolution here in this reality to facilitate understanding by people and be utilized for their betterment.

It comes from the most ancient dimension of the universe and is as old as Consciousness itself. It’s only now, with me as the conduit that this Energy is manifesting in this reality, to be transmitted for the benefit of mankind and the world.

The Light of Life is a pure unadulterated resource. It reaches us directly from the higher dimensions without distortions. It is unaltered by human ego or embellishment. I bear it and transmit it in its original pristine purity. In the world at large, many ancient practices survived the passage of time but has retained little or nothing of their original truth, because the people who passed it down changed or added extraneous elements to them.
I bring The Light of Life into our reality with its original qualities of simplicity, precision and accuracy. This is possible because it is endowed energetically independent of traditional learning modalities, regardless of one’s intellectual quotients, physical abilities, temporal beliefs or age.

It is not simply “energy” in the generic sense, but a vast body of Knowledge transmitted from the higher dimensions. It’s a transcendental source, a resource that some might call “divine”. I am the conduit of this Energy and provide access to it for those who are interested in finding their optimal life path.

The Light of Life is a comprehensive Energy resource that can be applied in many situations beyond healing. It is best understood in a wider context for its power to transform and enhance all aspects of people’s lives. It is a powerful spiritual additive to the vital force in each one of us, an energy resource external to our body that we can draw on to transcend and overcome the limits of everyday consciousness, and achieve health, transformation and awakening to the various levels of our being. Immersing ourselves in it strengthens the spiritual-cord in each of us. It brings benefits in the emotional and mental sphere as well as at the physical level of DNA and cells.

It is a powerful, multi-dimensional resource from which we can draw from so as to live life with better health and longevity. In addition to enhancing a person’s life force, the wisdom within opens up our awareness and begins a process of individual energetic alignment and equilibrium of the multidimensional self. Simply put, The Light of Life® is not the generic qi, chi, prana or others referred in various cultures. The Light of Life encompasses multidimensional energies encoded with Knowledge which facilitates transformation and enlightenment.

We can imagine it as a vast transcendent encyclopaedia in which each individual can immerse himself to expand his awareness and creative possibility.

The Light of Life has no connection with religions or philosophical trends, even though there are certain universal truths one may find congruent. In addition, my approach is new and departs from traditional methods. It is not a religion or dogmatic cult; it does not dictate rules of conduct. It is neither coercive nor repressive. It is a resource which supports and respects the instinctual inherent goodness of Man. It serves to help people restore the dissonant aspects of their lives to harmony. The origins of most people’s problems are conflict of ideas and beliefs. Seldom is it recognized that everyone that we come in contact within the course of living affects us in some way energetically, particularly in our formative years. The result is like building a house by letting anybody put something into it. The results are confusion and chaos. On the other hand, worse are those who are products of rigid dogmas which gives appearance of order and consistency but deadly to our individual spirit under their demand for conformity. To reclaim our wholeness, we have to literately deconstruct this house of our body and spirit, and reconstruct it the way it should be. The Light of Life gives us the power and wisdom to change without the dictates of intellectual bully.

My approach is unconditional and truly respects free will. I don’t put myself in the position of guru or master, but as the conduit and emissary. Anyone can benefit from this resource, separately from his own philosophical ideas and spiritual credo. This method does not require one to follow me personally or to become a member of any organization. It’s a resource to be employed in an individual and independent way, without any requirement to give up any part of your personal life first but one that allows people to find their own life- path, guided by unadulterated higher wisdoms through intuition. A most important tenet of this Energy is that of providing a new clarity in the energetic relationship between the sexes.

Moreover The Light of Life® is the most powerful rejuvenating resource available today. Contained in its matrix are powerful qualities that, when activated, will exert enduring positive influences in our genetic makeup.

The transformative power of this resource will have profound and lasting impact on both individuals and societies in general. For the first time in history we have the means to expand everyone’s awareness without years of esoteric training and able to “see” beyond the limits of everyday consciousness. This means we now have a chance to break through the institutional distortions that has permeated every aspect of our lives. The Light of Life is a reservoir of Knowledge and Wisdom that all can benefit from unconditionally, giving everyone the power to make wiser choices in their personal and professional undertakings. Further, this Energy will help people to access, expand and express their creativity more fully. According to the predilections of each, the Knowledge encoded in The Light of Life enables people to retrieve information and understanding beyond the intellectual plane. And with the proper foundation knowledge, a person can receive additions heretofore unknown. ”

Reaping the rewards

The rewards that flow into our lives through interacting with the energy of The Light of Life are myriad: our physical and emotional health becomes vital and clear of debilitating energy imprints; our capacity to spread love and clarity in our family and community expands; our renewed balance and groundedness allow us to develop more harmonious personal and business relationships, thus transforming the world around us.

At primal cellular levels, this Energy is a rejuvenating ambrosia which enhances youthfulness, beauty and longevity.

Creative benefits

On the deepest DNA level, the Light of Life Energy awakens latent talents we each are prenatally imbued with, as well as providing a continuing source of support to maintain and expand this creative flow.

The Energy also has the power to clear temporary creative blocks that one encounters due to the stresses and vicissitudes of life, and to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of whatever talent, work or service we are involved in.

Transformational Power

Energy is required to maintain the vital link between everyday consciousness and Spirit. Our personal advancement into deeper harmony with Spirit can be profoundly accelerated through opening to an influx of the Light of Life Energy. The Energy facilitates the release of negative emotional and energetic imprints, both past and present - freeing us to develop spiritually.

Business and Corporate Productivity

We require energetic fuel to remain civilized, patient, and mentally sharp at work. Earning a living is often a chronic drain on our life-force energy.

No matter what our calling in life, we need pause only a few minutes to tap into the Light of Life Energy to regain a positive, creative, powerful professional stance.

Opening to a new experience

We invite you to attend our workshops, energy treatments and exercise classes to experience the Light of Life Energy and an opening to a new realm of possibility.

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