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This Chinese ideogram is the symbol of Longevity, a powerful benevolent aspect of The Light of Life®. The Light of Life® is a comprehensive energetic resource that can be applied in many situations. It is a powerful additive to one’s own vital force. It is an external source of Energy we can draw on to transcend and overcome the limits of everyday consciousness, achieve health, transformation and awaken to the various levels of our being.

Entirely new for this reality, The Light of Life® originates with Howard Y. Lee. His role is to act as the conduit of this Energy and to provide access for anyone who wants it. His Induction of Energy process gives individuals a unique and powerful tool for personal advancement and longevity. Wearing this symbol of Longevity is a way of contributing to our intent of making this extraordinary resource available to all.
Black cotton jersey T-Shirt with white embroided logo. Opaque pvc packaging.
Women’s sizes S M L,
Men’s sizes M L XL
Price 23 euro.
Shipping 7 euro.
Delivery time 7 working days in Italy, 7-15 for Europe and 15-20 for the rest of the world.

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